Do it with Passion.

Work Experience:
  - Co-Founder and Brand Designer at Excelsior.
  - Senior Visual Artist at Teraz for Consulting.
  - Art Director at Zew Marketing Agency.

  - Owner and Art Director of Scratch Stores.
  - Junior Art Director at Brokerage Insurance.
  - Senior Graphic Designer at Eastern Developments.
  - Senior Graphic Designer at IbnSina Pharma.
  - Senior Graphic Designer at Norak Gwak.
  - Graphic Designer at move Adv Agency.
  - Specified in Social media designs for continuous two years.
  - Freelancer Graphic Designer from 2012 till now.

Volunteering Work:
  - Former Head of Design & IT Committee at TEDx Helwan University 
  - Head of Multimedia Committee at SENCRO’18
        (contains 4 Teams, Design, Photography, Social media marketing, and Videography ) 
  - Team Leader Design team at Social media SENCRO’17
  - Member at Design team at Social media SENCRO’17
       (Student Activity in Faculty of Economics Political Science at Cairo University
        called Simulation of Egyptian National Child Rights Observatory)


  - Got Promoted to handle the digital Marketing department in Brokerage
  - Best employee of the year 2018 in Eastern Developments. 
  - The Most Appreciated Digital artist in January 2018 on
  - Got the Most Viewed Rank on Egypt on behance for more than 4 times.
  - Best Member at Design team at SENCRO’17.
  - Got promoted from member to be the leader of the team at SENCRO'17
  - Best Leader at OC (Organization Committee) Sector at SENCRO’17.

  problem solving - Art Directing - leadership - Visual Identities Creating
  logo Design - Illustration - Photography - Videography - Video Editing
  Motion Videos - Media Production (Pre Production, Production & Post Production) 
  Creative Commercial Ads - Social media Marketing - UX & UX - Printing

Apps that I use:
Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign - Xd - Fuse - Premiere Pro - After Effect - Dimension - Lightroom .