Sexual Harassment
as per the events in Egypt, when Women united and decided to Expose the rapists, and talk about the sexual harassment  we Men should listen if we're not gonna support, I decided to support and help them take their rights by these posters; I believe that a poster can save the world.
Logofolio Vol. 02
Selection of Logos, logotypes, wordmarks, and icons. for branding and rebranding projects over the past years.
Rebranding Brokerage | Full Visual Identity
This is a Rebranding & Brand Development for Brokerage. It's an Insurance brokerage company located in Cairo, Egypt. we've Created the full Visual Identity, the stationery, the Ui & Ux for the mobile application and all of the used materials. Art Director: Mahmoud Diab Designers: Rahma Ahmed & Marwa Khaled Client: Brokerage
Another planet
we will never lose hope, even if we lost our whole planet, We'll find another one! with two moons!
This project was meant to be showcasing about how people judged me before they even know me. I made it when I was so suffocated, tired, and rejecting freelancer works; so I put my Guts and Anger on this project which called Judgmental to tell people that I am what they think I am, if they dared to judge on me I'll be worse than they ever thought of me.  hoping that Art Could Change the relationship between me and the Judgmental People around me to a better relationship.
Kayan Lab | Visual Identity
It's a Visual Identity for a laboratory.. elements, mockups, stationary and the logo concept.
Storm System
This system absorbs the rain in the compound and use this water in the green areas
Advertising Campaign
this is an ATL Campaign, Billboards and Unipoles
This is an independently organized TED Event. I was the Head of the Design committee and with my team we made this Theme & Visual Identity for that event on social media posts and the offline printed stuff in a trending graphic language
Beautiful Pain
it's a beautiful pain when all your good only exists inside you. fewer who sees less who feel only one can be you, you.
Beautyphobia | Full Identity
in Zew we made a full visual identity and branding for Beautyphobia and it is a beauty clinic Aiming to take care of the natural beauty with organic ingredients and with no surgeries
Bear Around Us | Identity
I participated in "Animals Around Us" with this logo and its visual identity hoping to be part of this great team
my 1st logo collection
Low Poly Self-Portrait
My 1st Low Poly self-portrait only with illustrator
Low Poly Yahya's Portrait
Low Poly Portrait For Yahya
The Last Breath
just breahte!
collection of logos made by professional designers
Who Feels?
it's a world of imagination
Fly Owl | Logo
i imagined a flying company in a horror movie , i see this could be her logo
Homeful Child
it's a story shows how the homeless child suffer from their environment, and how we should protect them and give them their rights.
Watch Out
Not only heaven is near but also the hell is near too
My 1st Digital Painting portrait on a real person