This project was meant to be a showcasing about how people judged me on social media  before they even know me.
I made it when I was so suffocated, tired, and rejecting freelancer works; so I put my Guts and Anger on this project which called Judgmental to tell people that I am what they think I am, if they dared to judge on me I'll be worse than they ever thought of me. 
and posted it on social media.
Too small
Too Cute, Ugly.
Too silly.
Too silent, Shy.
In the end I told them that am Judgmental as they're, but at least am trying to stop being Judgmental, and that's all I want from them after feeling my Art
I used the rule of third to locate me and the dragon.
I choose the Bird-Eye here to make me as small as possible; people think that I'm small? Yes. but does this mean that I'll be easy to be burned by fire? It's not! Look at the shadows! you'll find that I'm not afraid of the fire; I'm the Dragon who breathes it.
it's hard to look in one's eye and say that you're ugly! so we shot this one in a portrait mood to make everyone looks at it to feel it by looking in the eye.
I made the skin textured with the elephant's skin as a reflection of their judges to me as if they make me rough.
I used these colors to make who looks feels like he took a pill of LSD and seeing everything colorful and puts a happy smile on his face; reflecting what people judged me "I'm too sarcastic"
firstly I wanted to make this one as a statue of marble but I figured out coal will be cool, just like they said about me, I remain silent -as shown in my mouth- but the coal gets burn/hurt because of this silence and shutting himself up.
and hat's exactly what happens to me I don't respond, It burns inside me.
I wanted to make people feel like they're the one who made this picture of me for themselves "the touchy one" and they are the one get upset about it, as shown by the guy is confused on the picture who is in intersecting point which made me use the rule of thirds here
I overexpressed myself here by opening my heart and my brain because of their too much judges and told them visually that You say that my heart made of glass and mind of stone.
I made this technique wanting to be as a playing card for people they think that they can use me and play with me as Diab -my name- or as Devil who can be blamed for their actions.
I used the clouds as a throne because people say that I'm arrogant on a throne, but the throne made of cloud which is absolute air and can't take me higher and if they looked clearly they will find who humble I'm.
In the end I surprised them by this GOLD statue who is the real me, who is also a judgmental person and has flaws too -as shown on my glasses that I'm Judging other people- because all of us have a judge on us but we don't have to be this cruel and we have to look at ourselves and see the real size of ourselves -that's why I made me a small statue- after we look at others' flaws
Here's how the project looks in Instagram
Feel Free to watch it Here​​​​​​​
And If You want to Download it to know how I made it or to make your own 9 designs on instagram connected like this

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