Campaign objective:
Helping people develop good habits that can become permanent over time, even if they only adopt them briefly.

Our Role:
Our focus was on helping individuals replace negative habits with positive ones. We have identified four negative habits according to wellness that we guide people to replace:
- Unhealthy eating
- Negative thinking
- Ignoring others
- Worrying

We have two slogans that we use to promote our campaign. The first is "صيام للظهر" which is inspired by our childhood experiences. We used to fast until noon to gradually adapt to the natural fasting process. We link this to negative habits by suggesting that if we abstain from them, even for a short period, we can easily adapt to positive habits forever.
The second slogan we use is "صيام مدى الدهر". This slogan suggests that if we try to abstain from negative habits for a short period, it will be easier to continue with them for the rest of our lives.
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Actors: Karim Sidki - Mazen Haggag - Menna El-banan - Shady Shawareb

Client: Andalusia Health
Brand Manager: Lamiaa Ameen
Group Content Manager: Ahmed Ghanem
Sr. Copywriter: Yassmin Saied
Music Producer: Shady Shawareb
Sr. Graphic Designer: Menna El-banan
Videographer: Ahmed Shaaban
Art Director: Mahmoud Diab

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